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Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new.

We appreciate all of our patients who have supported our growth in 2021. At Revive RX, we are making some changes to better serve you.

We have added several new faces to our team. Please welcome, Mariah and Jennifer. Our staff are excited to continue to provide you with exceptional customer service and quality patient care. We will continue to provide you with bio-identical hormone optimization, medical aesthetic procedures, and medically supervised weight loss. In 2022, expect the same great care with an additional service. By popular demand, we will also be adding direct pay primary care.

What is Direct Pay Primary Care? Direct Pay Primary Care is a healthcare model that allows patients to pay their healthcare provider, directly for their care. By doing so, insurance companies are taken completely out of the billing process and therefore cannot dictate the way in which you receive your care. For many patients, this is cost saving and allows more control of your healthcare needs. For those patients who still carry third party insurance, our staff can provide you with the billing information you need to submit your own claim. This will allow you, in some situations, to receive reimbursement for your visit at Revive Rx.

Is direct primary care for you? This type of healthcare model allows the providers at Revive RX to spend more time with each patient. We do not rush you through your appointment, which allows for more in-depth visits and consultations. Because our goal is to provide each patient with in-depth, personalized care, we will accept fewer patients than those practice that are accepting insurance. This also allows our staff to spend more time on your care and less time to preparing and filing insurance paperwork.

To meet the demands of our patients and to continue to provide exceptional care we have also changed some of our prices. These changes will take affect, starting January 3, 2022. See the attached file for our updated brochure.

Revive RX service brochure
Download PDF • 607KB

As always, follow us on social media for member only events, education, and an opportunity to get to know each of our team members.

Please note the change to our website address.

Happy New Year!

Revive RX Staff

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