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Fatty Liver

Have you been told that you have fatty liver disease? Do you have a family member or friend with fatty liver? We would like to answer for you; what is fatty liver, what can you do to reverse it and how can Revive RX help.

First, let’s talk about, what is fatty liver disease? This condition is also known as hepatic steatosis which occurs when there is an extra build up of fat around the liver. Major risk factors for developing fatty liver include obesity and type 2 diabetes, or excessive alcohol consumption. This condition is without symptoms and is usually detected on routine bloodwork. If fatty liver disease is left untreated, it can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure.

You have control over this disease and can reverse it, if found in early stages. Currently there is no medication to treat fatty liver disease.

With lifestyle changes, the average person can reverse fatty liver in 9-12 months. But, it takes you making these lifestyle changes and choosing to be healthy.

We recommend a diet low in saturated fat and foods with added sugars. Some examples of a these foods with added sugars; juice, soda and candy. These treats are okay for specials occasions but should not be in your daily diet. These changes alone may be enough to help you reverse this condition but sometimes you need to add in exercise and weight loss.

Here is a list of things you can do at home to reverse fatty liver:

  1. avoid excessive alcohol consumption

  2. avoid fried food, dessert cakes and candies on a frequent basis

  3. drink coffee

  4. be more active. exercise 20-30 minutes per day

  5. take supplements that lower inflammation

Have you tried making these changes and still need our help? Call and schedule a consultation with one of our nurse practitioners. We carry a variety of medical grade supplements to help with inflammation and liver detox. Some of the common liver detox supplements include; milk thistle, resveratrol, vitamin E, or turmeric. If we don’t have a supplement in stock, that you need, we are able to have it delivered to your home with a couple of days.

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