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Are you considering a BOTOX® Treatment?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Do you have fine lines/wrinkles or want to prevent them from forming? If you answered yes, then this treatment might be for you.

BOTOX® has been around for more than 20 years and has proven to be a safe and effective treatment and/or prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. Although extremely safe, BOTOX® is a medication which should only be administered by a licensed medical provider, under the supervision of an MD/DO/NP/PA. In Indiana, you should have a medical screening performed by an MD/DO/NP/PA prior to your treatment.

Below are some things to help you prepare for your Neurotoxin appointment.

Tip #1 - Avoid blood thinning supplements and medications.

This includes; anti-inflammatory medications (both otc and prescribed), alcohol, and fish oils. These medications can increase your chances of developing bruising with your treatment. Disclaimer: bruising can still occur due to the nature of the injections, but avoiding these medications can help lower the risk.

Tip #2 - Don't touch the treatment area

During this treatment, the medication is placed in specific areas to target a particular muscular contraction. We request that you not touch the area to minimize the risk of spreading the toxin to an adjacent muscle and getting an unpleasant aesthetic outcome. The second reason we don't want you to touch the area is to avoid infection. During the treatment there are microscopic size holes in the skin. Touching these areas can introduce bacteria into those areas, which may result in infection.

"I just want to always look like myself, even if that's an older version of myself." – Halle Berry

Tip #3 - Wait 24 hours to exercise

An increased heart rate can also spread your toxin to an adjacent area, resulting in an unpleasant aesthetic outcome. Save your strenuous workout for at least 24 hours after your treatment. However, we encourage you to exercise your face following your treatment. Frowning, smiling, raising your eyebrows will help you toxin to work better and give a better appearance.

Tip #4 - Dynamic versus Static Lines

Dynamic lines are wrinkles that are formed when we make facial expressions. Static lines are wrinkles that are present with the absence of facial expressions. Static lines may not be completely eliminated with your Tox treatment. These lines may take consistent Tox treatment every 3-4 months for a year before these lines begin to soften or disappear. WE have other treatments to speed up this process. It is easier for BOTOX® to prevent the formation of wrinkles before they have developed into static lines. During your treatment we may recommend other treatments to help with your concerns. Talk with one of our injectors about your personalized, best treatment plan.

Tip #5 - When should you contact our office after treatment

It is expected outcome following BOTOX® injections to have injection site tenderness, swelling, redness or even bruising. Please contact our office if these symptoms are worsening, not getting better after 2 weeks. Sometimes following your BOTOX® treatment, certain areas may need a touch. The most common areas that require touch ups; forehead and chin. Please contact our office 2 weeks after your treatment if you feel that you need a touch up. Please don't wait longer than 4 weeks for your touch-up treatment. After this time, your initial treatment may be starting to wear off. We encourage you to schedule your Tox treatment every 3-4 months to maximize your treatment or prevention of facial wrinkles. We recommend you to seek immediate attention for difficulty swallowing or breathing or vision changes.

Our goal is to provide you a safe, natural medical aesthetic treatment.

Leave us a comment.We carry 3 brands of Neurotoxin. Discuss with your injector which is right for you. Click Here to schedule your neurotoxin treatment.

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